Facebook this week have been busy making our lives harder/easier by making lots of changes to the platform

You can now add a poll into your videos on Facebook, will it make a difference, well we thought we would test it out on a video this week.

We duplicated one of our best performing client’s video and added in the poll. No changes were made other than the poll and the video didn’t have any of the great engagement the original had

Original Video

Check out the social proof

social proof video

New Video With Poll

Does it Work?

Woah! Results are crazy after 1 week, look at the table the top one is the poll and bottom has no poll. Exactly the same poll but look at the CPC and look at the CTR?

Definitely something worth continuing to check and test, this is a traffic campaign so halving the costs of click is amazing news for us and our clients!

Make sure you test this new feature in your next campaign

Other features release this week

More advertisers get playable ads. As part of Thursday’s announcement, Facebook said it was also expanding a beta of playable ads, the mobile app ads originally released for gaming advertisers, to all advertisers. The ad unit is now available for reach, brand awareness, conversions, and video views objective. 

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