Your Not So Secret Weapon

Your Best Asset, That Everyone Including Your Competition Forgets About

Let’s talk about what I call ‘band-aid’ marketing, what that means that buying traffic for your business is easy, turning that traffic into a sale or lead is what we call a conversion

Website traffic just means website visits

Now you know the basics, let me ask you a question..

Do you know your website conversion rate?

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It’s simple to work out

Amount of sales/leads divided by Amount of website visits (traffic) x 100

The median average across all industries is 2.35%

How do you measure up?

If you are at less than 2% (which a lot are), you have some work to do

Imagine if you could get to even 4%?

Improving this means you would double sales every day, even if you didn’t pay for any traffic, fixing this one step in the would make you more money. In fact this then in turn makes every other piece of your marketing more valuable.

I speak with so many businesses and when I ask this question, they either don’t know and they have no idea how to improve it.

You know what does increases conversions?

  • Great Copy
  • Content that makes people want to buy
  • Headlines that get peoples attention

Good copyrighting on your website will help your customers find, will convert more people, make you more sales, more money, and gets you closer to your dreams, but it gets ignored time and time again.

This is just the first step you need to take to implement a sales system into your business, but even this one thing can make a huge difference to your online business.

Website re-writes are included in our Concord Sales System, but if you want to get more sales, website copy rather than design is a great place to start.

Copywriting – Website Re-Write Session

If you are serious about improving your website conversion rate, you need to start with your website copy, book a call and lets see where you can improve!

Just so you know, I am going to try and sell you something, but only if your business needs it..