To the business owner who has resented every penny they have ever paid to their half-hearted marketing agency, I created this for you….

As a business owner I know you are busy with the daily hustle and chasing new deals, you don’t get enough time to think about how to scale and grow.

Maybe your business has grown purely by word of mouth and random organic traffic. I am sure you have come to understand these methods are not sustainable, repeatable nor scale-able.

You want to grow your business to re-ignite your desires about why you set up in the first place, how to start enjoying it again and finally receive the benefits and lifestyle you always dreamed of.

You have asked or thought at least one of the following:

  • How do I grab this business by the horns and grow?
  • Where do I even start?
  • How can I scale properly?
  • How can I get more sales?
  • I’ll adjust my prices, but will that work?
  • Trying to figure out my next best move is hard!
  • It’s difficult to know which part of my business is doing the best/worst
  • Can’t help feeling I am just ‘winging it’
  • I feel uncomfortable doing things I don’t understand, let alone measure them

Get Out of the Rut..

Getting stuck is all too easy, there is no quick fix and putting together a clear and actionable plan can feel like an impossible task, even for someone with years of experience.

You know your business needs … exposure

Exposure to attract new customers, this, of course, demands commitment and focus on the right product or service, but IT WILL help you to achieve long-lasting results.

You know your business needs someone to dig into all your data, analyse what works, improve your ROI and increase the value of all your sales

But that’s a lot of work…

The way I see it you have 3 options:

Option 1 – Do nothing and stay exactly where you are! You have made it this far on word of mouth, you have reached your dreams for your business, you have plenty put away for retirement and you are happy!

Option 2 – Have a shot yourself, there’s plenty of online courses if you have the time, you could learn everything from scratch as long as you enjoy spending hours/days/weeks in front of a laptop

Option 3 – Hire an agency that will be able to take all the heavy lifting off your hands and grow your business while you get on with running it

Option 3 sounds great right?

Problem is it’s the ‘Wild West’ out there

There are so many crappy agencies out there, full of cowboys, fake gurus, influencers and scammers.

You go to the small ones and most likely they can’t deliver on their promises, go to a top agency and you will end up with a fresh uni grad working on your account

Go to a creative agency and their desires are so rooted in winning awards, they forget about getting you the results you want.

You might ask how do I know this..

Well, I worked for agencies for years and saw exactly some of the daily sketchy stuff that went on

Conflicting accounts, having to lie to clients about progress and results

 I can’t say clients got much ‘bang for their buck’

Even for a client paying £6000 per month only gave them 15 hours of work! 

Agencies are just in the business of selling more hours than they paid for them, quality and satisfaction doesn’t even factor, it’s all about profit.

Even if no work happened on the account, clients were still charged a ‘management fee’

It felt slimy, dishonest, fake and even foolish at times 

I hated it, I was never allocated enough time to get quality results, watching clients getting infuriated and leaving, then new clients would come on board, that you would have to lie to all over again.

There was also a REAL lack of digital marketing knowledge, there was so much, what I call ‘band-aid’ marketing.

No one ever seemed to look at the bigger picture, work out the real problem or bottleneck, it’s really easy to buy businesses more traffic but unless you fix and cure the actual problem the band-aid will only ever be a temporary fix.

After watching client after client get overcharged and mis-sold on so many solutions, I decided I had to leave and make a difference.

It’s time to switch from ‘band-aid’ agencies with haphazard ideas to a structured sales system to create a profit-making machine

After years at agencies and in-house companies and making them millions in revenue I decided to take my knowledge and create a system that takes all of the most important parts of any business online and systematically attacks all of them at the same time.

I am not interested in selling the business ‘band-aid’ I want to offer the cure.

So I created the Concord Sales System

Not only does it fix the core of your business, but it has also been designed to run on autopilot so you can get on with the daily hustle of your business while you watch it grow and decide how to spend your extra time and money.

Reliable Sales System to Double Your Sales on Autopilot

Explode your business growth with a reliable and repeatable sales system bringing consistency into your business and finally scaling to exactly where you want to be.

Choose the Concord System When….

  • You are stumped and have no idea where to start
  • You have had a shot and running marketing yourself, but you didn’t get the expected results
  • It feels like having fresh eyes/approach could bring a new idea that would make your business take-off
  • You don’t even know which part of your business is doing the best/worse
  • Winging it just isn’t good enough anymore
  • Word of mouth has gotten you this far, now what?
  • Hired agencies have never delivered on all their big promises
  • The daily hustle and chasing the next deal is where you want to be, not sitting in front of a laptop all day
  • Trying to hire but you keep running into fake Guru’s, influencers and scammers

You have seen it is hard to know where to start when you think about growing your business, you know you need an expert to help but trying to find a marketing agency that aren’t charlatans but the real deal isn’t an easy task.

Your NOT so secret weapon

Earlier I talked about ‘band-aid’ marketing, what that means that buying traffic for your business is easy, turning that traffic into sales is what we call a conversion

Let me ask you a question..

Do you know your website conversion rate?

It’s simple to work out, if you don’t know

Amount of sales/leads  ÷ Amount of website visits (traffic) x 100

The median average across all industries is 2.35%

How do you measure up?

If you are at less than 2% (which a lot are), you have some work to do

Imagine if you could get to even 4%?

Improving this means you would double sales every day, even if you didn’t pay for any traffic, fixing this one step in the would make you more money. In fact this then in turn makes every other piece of your marketing more valuable.

I speak with so many businesses and when I ask this question, they either don’t know and they have no idea how to improve it.

You know what does increases conversions?

  • Great Copy
  • Content that makes people want to buy
  • Headlines that get peoples attention

Good copyrighting on your website will help your customers find, will convert more people, make you more sales, more money, and gets you closer to your dreams, but it gets ignored time and time again

This is just the first step you need to take to implement a sales system into your business, but even this one thing can make a huge difference to your online business

This is just one step in the 7 step Concord Sales System

You need a sales system

We have already discussed you don’t have a traffic problem and you need a sales system

You already know it is the ‘wild west’ out there trying to find an agency who wants growth as much as you do, you don’t have time to repair the damage these types of cowboy agencies can cause.

You can’t afford or do not have the time to hire an in-house team to do the work, hiring a good marketing team could cost you over 100k and the time allocated to find the perfect fit.

You need the kind of Sales System that will make your business look good, bring in stellar results and take your business to the next level.

You want an agency that is honest, doesn’t mess you around and will bring in those sales every day and leave you to get on with the things that matter to you most, whether that is spending time with your family, relaxing holidays or even working on the next big idea.

Yes, of course, creativity is great but you know what’s better? Sales and more money in the bank, once you have a fully automated sales system, more time can be put aside for more creativity.

Is this the Wake Up Call You Have Been Waiting for?

Have you become stuck and stressed with your current sales, you want to re-ignite your desires and re-connect why you set your business up in the first place?

This system will allow you to actually start enjoying it again and receive all the lifestyle you always wanted​​​​​​​.

Switch from guessing to implementing a reliable proven sales system to grow your business to where you want it to be.

The Concord system puts your marketing on steroids, it not only allows you to get back to running your business, it systematically gives your business the edge, but it also takes all the most important parts of your marketing and attacks them to give you a complete bottleneck free marketing system.

The 5 steps that your customer takes when buying your product or service, we know what they are and we will design your sales system to hit all of them

Included in the Concord Sales System:

  • We promise to double your sales
  • Deep understanding of where you are – Full audit
  • Customer lifetime-value, average order value all the details, conversion rate,if you don’t know these get ready to learn before we can implement we will go through your current marketing efforts, grade everything and before we start we need to know where we are, you will know and understand all the improvements
  • Full reporting, you are going to know exactly how the system has worked your numbers
  • Conversion copy across your website, your most important and heavily overlooked essential business asset
  • Customer Research, do you know really what your customer are thinking, we gonna find out and then use that research to design your entire funnel with your customers at the fore-front, that how we know your sales are gonna double – no one else does this!
  • Landing pages – before you spend a penny on paid ads, we will have a landing page that converts, this is not a set it and forget it project, we will be continually running A/B tests, so we getting you cheaper and better sales
  • Tracking across all channels, no guessing if something has worked only sales and extra money in your bank
  • Trust, we know the places you need to showing up for your customers, there is no point on being on snap chat if your potential buyers don’t hang out there
  • Traffic system implemented, we will identify your best channels for your business and advertise, because of all the previous work, once this is turned on, it will be like turning on a money tap

I am gonna be honest with you, it is not a quick fix, it does demand commitment and focus to achieve results but IT WILL help you to achieve not only results but long lasting for years

Using a clear actionable plan and structure to your marketing allows you to bring in consistency to your sales, understand how much you need to spend in order to get new customers, it is a system that’s repeatable and actionable

The Concord Sales System is Different

We have designed a system that starts at the root of your business, it’s not your website, it’s at your core, we work with you to find out your core values, we then do deep analysis into your customers and potential new customers

Concord Sales System only Right for you, if ALL of the following is true:

  •  You are stuck and you want to get into growth mode
  • You are already online with a website
  • You are actively or have spent money on ads/traffic
  • You already have a product or service that can be booked/bought online
  • You fundamentally believe in sales funnels 
  • You have hired an agency before

The whole idea behind the Concord Sales System is to bring structure and automation into your business.

Here’s how it works..

  • First, we run a strategy call to make sure we are a good fit to work together, we run through a demo of the system to make sure you understand what to expect
  • If we are both happy that we can get amazing results together, then you will be required to pay the first month and then the work gets started
  • This is not a quick fix, there is a lot of work involved, typically after 90 days you will really see the difference in your business, of course, some business see results quicker 
  • Then before the work will always be customer research, we will need access to all your assets and database so we can get this all-important work up and running
  • Once we gather all the data then the fun really begins, this includes working on your USP or value proposition making sure it is in alignment with the customer research
  • Guidance on what content need to be created, we can help with this if you are unable to do this in-house
  • Website copy re-write, taking all the learning from the customer research and using it to create copy so your customers know you listen speaking to them in a way they understand and can’t wait to buy
  • Identify best products that will be featured in ads, create content for those products, videos, images, copy and landing pages
  • Reputation Management -Reviews will be increased and old reviews will be responded to good or bad! 
  • A/B Split testing and Tracking of site visitors so we will constantly be testing and optimising all your assets, striving for perfection
  • Finally, the last piece of the Sales Funnel puzzle will be ad creation, this will drive more traffic to newly optimised sales funnel and you will see your sales at least double with this last step.
  • Depending on your product we have a library of special campaigns for Birthday’s, Engagements, Weddings at our disposal that always have great results

Your Strategy Call is FREE

Before we can start work we need to go over the details and make sure we are both happy to be working together, this will be a fact-finding call and make sure you are in the best position for us to help you

On this call, we go over lots of ideas and your current state and put together a strategy for you with lots of gold nuggets and a clear structure of how you can achieve growth even we don’t work together

I know these days lots of business are giving away a strategy call as a sales calls, we really aren’t of course if we can help we are going to ask you to let us help you on our journey, but by taking the call you will learn lots about your own business, we will run an audit on your current state and you will leave the call with an actionable plan.

Hire us to save you time, money and heartache

Remember this is not a band-aid, no sign of fluffy metrics, this is an online sales strategy to grow your business successfully, give you more time work on your business or spend time with your family knowing your business sales strategy is taken care of


  • Customer Research includes a survey
  • Website Copywriting
  • Landing Pages for best selling product or service
  • Ad design and creatives, Facebook ads, Google etc
  • Email sequences
  • Email copy
  • Social Posting
  • Increase reviews and reputation management
  • Google maps optimisation
  • Core and Value Proposition Nailed down
  • Blog posts and headlines 
  • Increase App Downloads
  • Clear Understanding of your numbers

Start now and book your call to take your first step in unleashing a sales system into your business

Remember even from the strategy call you will get:

  • Clear mapped out a plan for your business
  • Detailed knowledge on how to market your business into a profit-making success
  • Give your business the edge over your competition
  • Learn the know-how to successfully attack your marketing

Don’t Hire Another Agency Until You Have Had Your FREE Session


Even we don’t work together, clearly knowing your numbers, understanding sales funnels will make it easier to see through some of the BS other creative agencies will tell you.

If you speak to one and they tell you about impressions…RUN!

You care about sales not impressions, even knowing that will make them realise they can’t lie to you.

Book your strategy call now even if you think you aren;t ready, no one is ever ready

Even if you decide to implement the Concord Sales System I guarantee if you take the all the strategy given on this call you will make a difference, even if all you do is fix your website copy, that will be enough to increase sales.

Stop Wasting Time and Book a Call Already!

Book a call and let’s see where we can help your business grow, expect to get a clear strategy but just so you know I will try and sell you something..