Create Your Facebook Page The Right Way

Most business have a Facebook page, why because the platform continues to grow and as of 2020  it has a whooping 2.6 billion monthly active usersFacebook is the biggest social network worldwide.

Forget about naysayers, they platform has outperformed all the notions of slowing down every year and continues to be the front runner in the social world.

Business are missing out if they are not on there, sure TikTok and Snapchat and even Instagram are very cool, but honestly the user base on Facebook are buyers, and a little older so have money in their pockets to spend.

Facebook has also done a great job of having a community feel, groups have made it so easy for local business to be shared and recommended for work.

It is a huge mistake not being in the biggest platform in the world, oh yeah and did I mention it’s free?

Set-Up Issues

Problem is a lot of businesses has set up their own pages, but a lot of them haven’t been set up correctly and they are missing out on Facebook searches, listings and remember social signals also count towards SEO.

Facebook is leaning towards communities and local and as the algorithm changes make sure your page doesn’t get left out in the cold and appears in searches in your local area.


If you have an old page that needs some help or you bought likes from spam accounts in the good old days, it may be better to start a new one

Or if you want to take the plunge and start Facebook the right way, why not use our service to get one set up and start getting results now.

Service Includes:

  • Set Up Page Name
  • Sneaky Way to Make Sure your Page is seen locally
  • Correct categories
  • Messenger set up
  • Automation set up
  • Cover picture
  • Advice on posting, what, why and when
  • Report on Facebook page (optimisation)
  • Feedback on the audience

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