How To Make More Money From Your Email List

Do you have a email list but you rarely make any revenue from them?

Lists are hugely valuable to businesses, but they are rarely used to their full effect, sometimes they are hardly ever communicated with,

I get it..

not everyone wants to send a newsletter type of communication but not sending out regular emails is a huge mistake, and means you are leaving money on the table every day

I know you get fed up of sending email campaigns and no getting the open rates you are looking for, or maybe you have a lot of people who just never open your emails, and you ask yourself

Why do I bother?

You have to remember people’s lives are busy, they aren’t just ignoring you, they are just busy, but even having that email in their inbox, even if they don’t open it, it keeps your business top of the mind

You should be making £1 per subscriber on your list, if you have a list of people who are ignoring you, maybe you need to re-activate them into ready to buy customers.

Make Them Buy Again

We have a special email campaign to re-activate your list and get them buying again, this campaign can and has made anything from £1k – 10k in revenue

10k from one email campaign..

I know it sounds crazy but we know how to get people opening and buying with this one campaign, it just works

Email Activation Campaign

Campaign includes:

  • Work with you to craft the perfect campaign offer
  • Email copy sent to your list
  • Scheduled emails, to make sure no one misses out
  • Tracking so we know how many sales/bookings came from the email
  • Yours to keep, run the campaign whenever you want

£199 – One Time Offer

Book your call and pay for the service, we can get started on your campaign ASAP