Find Out What Your Customers Really Think

How easy would it be to write copy, design new services or products, create ads if you knew what your customers really thought about you and your compeitors?

But you know why business like yours doesn’t know this vital information?

No one bothers to ask!!

Customer research should be at the root of your business, growth is easy for a business that gets this right!

Customer Research is the Key

Without it, how do you know what to say, what to write, what content to create, what is holding them back from buyiing, what would make them buy more?

Wouldn’t you just love to know this? Can you see the power you would have if you had this information at your disposal?

Using all that research and do some deep analysis you can design everything, you will have the kind of stats your competition will drool over.

I can’t stress enough, how important this work is and the massive gains it will be brought to your business

You want to scale your business, you want to wow your customers with words that they are thinking not what you want them to think.

Everything has to start here! Finding out what your customers really think means you can design a whole sales funnel around not only what they are thinking about what they really want.

Best Ways to Get Customer Research

  • Send an email to an existing database
  • Post on your Facebook and Instagram page
  • Run ads to survey
  • Phone customers and ask them

Use ALL channel where possible to get most amount of responses you can

Great Survey Software Options:

  • Survey Monkey – been around for a while has a great free version
  • AirTable – Easy to use and free version available

Survey Rules

  • Max 5 questions, do not bore the life out of your customers, remember they want to help, but don’t expect them to spend any more than 3 mins answering, they will simply give up. 5 Questions should give you a completion rate of 80%+
  • Ask the big question first, even if they don’t answer anymore, get the big question answered, typically you want this to be the big ‘one thing’
  • Don’t incentive them, people will just do it because they want the freebie, not because they care about your business
  • Try to avoid any yes/no questions, keep them free form, they are usually the most interesting answers
  • Only ask for contact details at the end and only if you are offering a discount etc

This is just one of the steps in our Concord Sales System, get a free strategy session now to see if a sales system could help your business take off