Why Does Your Website Exist?

Can you answer this question?

Over the years it doesn’t seem to matter if you ask this question to a Fortune 500 or a family run business, most of the time there is just silence….

It’s your online sales team

Your website needs to be your online sales team, making potential customers want to like you, trust you and most importantly buy from you.

You need to convert more people that come to browse your website into buyers. Simple right?

The majority of today’s websites are very pretty, but unfortunately are not that functional, frustrating potential customers and leaving you wanting more information.

Do you know your website conversion rate?

It’s simple to work out, if you don’t know

Amount of sales/leads  ÷ Amount of website visits (traffic) x 100

The median average across all industries is 2.35%

How do you measure up?

If you are at less than 2% (which a lot are), you have some work to do!

You want your website to become a website engine, but that can become difficult with the rising costs of developers and designers, a great website could easily cost up upwards of £15,000.

Landing pages are a great alternative if you can’t afford a full-redesign or you want to set up a funnel for a specific product or service.

These are a separate page that sits on your domain, it’s job is to sell just one product or service, it’s typically long and has all the details your customers are looking for, so there is no need to leave to find out more or ask questions.

Conversions Shouldn’t be an Afterthought

Conversions happen by identifying what your customers want, and then give it to them! It really isn’t rocket-science but business are constantly not delivering.

Landing pages are all about maximising sales, simple!

Landing pages exist to make people buy, usually, you would want a version just for driving traffic to from ads, with no navigation or links, as you don’t really want your potential customers getting distracted with blogs or offers. It doesn’t have to be, but usually, you will get better results with this method.

A developer, copywriter and a designer would normally want around 2-3k to produce a decent landing page but if you are driving traffic for sales this could be a great investment.

It’s not ‘Build it and Leave it

Landing pages are all about maximising sales, testing copy, colours and buttons​​​​​​​, getting you closer to the perfect sales page.

Once you have your page built, it isn’t ‘build it and leave it’ task, you need to start A/B testing on this, working on your messaging systematically, increasing sales will lead to more money.

The more time you can spend optimising these pages, the more money you will make.

Landing pages should only ever have only one message this allows, the reader not to get distracted or confused and you will get better results. A confused visitor doesn’t buy. 

A Great Landing Page Will:

  • Making your page purpose crystal clear
  • Learn how incremental changes effects sales and leads
  • Continual improvements mean constantly increasing sales
  • Not only get more sales but bigger sales
  • Allows one-click upsells 
  • Landing pages only have one message, no con

Software Solutions

You can see by now having landing pages created is the easiest way to make a massive difference in you business.

We of course use landing pages in our Concord System but if you choose to make one yourself here are the best two that we regularly use on clients campaigns

These softwares allow you to A/B test and set the domains so you can manage them from anywhere and for a great price


It does feel more of family or even a cult, it is by far one of the biggest landing page builders, it has a fantastic one-click upsells and if you have an E-Comm business, you really must look at this platform as a massive game-changer.

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  • Entry price is just $97 for basic package, which is enough for most business
  • 2 week free trial
  • Drag and drop builder, even if you aren’t the best designer you can drag complete blocks so building is much easier
  • Lots of pre-made pages
  • Huge supportive community
  • Great training support
  • Easy to A/B test
  • One click upsells, this allows you to make more money from every sale
  • Integrates well and with Stripe for payments
  • Mobile version very easy
  • You get a free T-Shirt!!


  • Sometimes can feel a bit clunky
  • Some of the pages can feel a bit spammy
  • Has had a lot of stick with support but is getting much better
  • Designing is limited, you can’t create from scratch, this could be a pro or a con
  • Russel Brunson is amazing, makes you want to buy more, yes that can be a con!
  • Lots of complaints about down time

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Not as huge as Clickfunnels, but if we are building out non-E-Com funnels, Unbounce is our choice, great choice for lead generation campaigns.

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  • Just $99 per month
  • Very easy drag and drop interface
  • Design anything you want, so many options
  • Easily make multiple variants of landing pages to do proper A/B tests
  • Has training available
  • Is able to change headlines depending on tags, great for Google Ads
  • Can buy new themes on the marketplace, so saves you time
  • Integrates well with other platforms 
  • Fantastic blog
  • I have never experienced any downtime


  •  Not really the right platform for E-Comm as doesn’t integrate with a payment
  • No support for Zoho CRM
  • The builder can become a bit complex for the novice
  • It can be easy to get disorganised
  • Features are a bit limited

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For E-Com go for Clickfunnels

For Lead Gen go for Unbounce

Of course, our Concord Sale System includes Landing pages, they are an important part of any customer’s journey, don’t miss out this step and certainly don’t spend a penny on ads until you have one.

Landing Page Design

If you are ready to move forwards and creating a landing page for a specific campaign, why not book a call and let’s see how we can work together