Pressing the boost button may seem like the easy way to get more eyeballs and sales. Just press the button and you will get loads of reach, likes and hopefully lots of shares!

What they don’t tell you is by picking boost means you will by default be choosing engagement as the objective of your ad and your money.

The reason this is a problem is that Facebook™ divides its users into likers/clickers/buyers. I know this as I used to spend over £200k per month at a company, Facebook used to come in and take us for dinner and they told me.

I was talking to them about using video views and then re-targeting as a strategy, they said this isn’t a good idea and then they explained why, you are re-targeting people who like watching videos, not people who are buyers, not to say they won’t buy but this audience just isn’t as powerful.

So in this video, I will explain all the different objectives, this is not rocket science, just pick the objective you want, don’t try and trick the algorithm, Facebook wants to get you great results.

Engagement – This is the cheapest ad type, pick this so your ad goes in front of, likers, sharers, video views and also this goes for messenger messages (which puts me off bots a little!)

Lead Ads – Pick this and your ad will go in front of people who fill in lead ad forms, be wary of this objective, remember these forms are pre-filled in by Facebook, careful as these people are probably not action takers.

Why Choose engagement ads – they are cheap! They are by far the cheapest audience, if you just want likes, shares and get your ad in front of as many people as possible, just remember these aren’t going to be great quality and chances are they are not buyers.

Please note if you have the most amazing product/offer in the world, then go nuts boost away, if you can convert off these objectives, they will be super cheap and I tip my cap to you!

For the rest of us, just pick want you want and don’t get sidetracked or pick that easy button, if you want buyers or the chance to pixel people.

Traffic Objectives – Clickers, I really like this audience, these people will click off the platform and check out your landing page, means you can pixel them if you aren’t sure why it’s important – please watch my video.

Clickers are still a pretty cheap audience and great value for a campaign, they will buy but most likely be a longer sales cycle, but great for building up your pixel fire so, you can build a Lookalike audience.

Conversion ads! Boom! The most expensive ad audience, but guess what? There is a good reason why, these people are buyers, of course, they will be more expensive.

Make sure you have your advanced Pixel events set up and go after Add to Carts and if you can get 50 of these per week, you can really get results with these types of ads.

I hope this post helps you to understand why picking objectives shouldn’t be difficult and there is no reason to choose the boost button, just as long as you understand what that button means.

There is a way of putting the same ad out as engagement, traffic and conversion, it’s a great strategy. But a video for another day!

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