Web Design

Your website needs to be the hub of your business, never substitute it for a Facebook page or a twitter account. Every sing post/pin/tweet should lead back to your web design.

We see many a neglected site and too many businesses forget about the importance of their websites. Don’t forget if you keep a steady stream traffic coming from a variety of sources, Google will love it and your rankings will improve naturally.


Everything Changes

Everything that’s free can do as they please! Google, Facebook, Twitter even Mail-Chimp won’t think twice about closing your account or deleting your lists if they think you aren’t playing by the rules. They are constantly changing their algorithms to keep us guessing and making it harder to rank for free. Make sure you have a good amount of traffic from each stream. YOUR website is your platform that you control, no rules, don’t neglect it, it’s your biggest asset.



Here at Webyte we use WordPress. It’s a great CMS (Content Management System), Google loves it as it dynamically creates sites, rather than a static site. It’s easy to update and have a blog/news sections allows you to add new fresh content weekly or daily and Google loves it!

You can extend functionality easily and cheaply, without needing to know any code. It does need updating and work but a well-worked WordPress site can easily achieve you and keep you on page one of Google.

Let us do it for you!

Design from £999

Package includes

WordPress Installation

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting for a year
  • WordPress Theme
  • Plugins for MailChimp
  • Seo Ready

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