Facebook advertising

Facebook allows businesses to place ads or promoted posts to a very targeted audience, CPC (cost per click) is decided by popularity and relevance so it’s important to target the right audience otherwise your CPC will be high. Facebook ads can appear in your target audience’s News Feed or the right column of Facebook on a desktop, as well as the News Feed on mobile.

How much time do you have to spend on Facebook Advertising?

The level of demographics you can target is pretty amazing and advertisers dreams come true! Example – Say you sell a wedding service, how about you can only advertise to people who have changed their statuses to engaged, I think you would agree pretty powerful stuff!  Facebookers are a tough crowd though they will be sick of seeing your advert after a few days to a week, you have to seriously be changing it up all the time!

Facebook Ads manager allows you to track the adverts and see whats working, for a great ad with good engagement you get some very cheap clicks. Get this right and you can achieve a lot of clicks for few cents.


Beware you have to be sneaky on Facebook, people will be put off by anything salesy, after all, they are on there to be social not to be sold to, you have to write engaging ads, that come across friendly, maybe asking a question. There are plenty of click-bait ads out there, try to avoid that tactic.

Facebook has a lot of rules in place, only 20% text in pictures, be careful as they will disapprove ads quickly, even sometimes after they have been approved they can still take them down.

Quizzes and Competitions

Have you been on Facebook today? How many quiz results have you seen? People love quizzes and its a fantastic way to build your brand and get people to engage and enjoy. We recently ran a quiz from an embedded quiz on a website for crazy cat lady.  The post was boosted and within 3 days 200 new likes on the Facebook page and all for a measly $15 – amazing results. Get in touch if you would like to run a campaign like this?

FB Audit

Have you been running ads, but they are just too expensive and just can’t seem to get anywhere. Why not book a Free FB Audit, we can look at your account and see where you are going wrong.